In GB Pakistan an epib battle between a Snow leopard and Markhoor.

In GB Pakistan an epic battle between a Snow leopard and Markhoor.

Saba Khanum 17 days ago

When you have an eye on the prize not the consequences beside it...

Nangyal Afridi 16 days ago

So nobody here knows the difference between an ibex and a markhor? Ok tc *flies away*

Zahran CR 15 days ago

This was filmed by Indians in Ladakh. Not in GB not by Pakistani.

Faisal Maqbool 16 days ago

Not sure if it's indeed somewhere in GB or elsewhere, but it's called the wild, the raw rugged wild where there are no emotions, no sympathy, just attack and survival game, whatever it takes. Marro ya maaro. The bigger predators higher up the chain usually are victors.

Yasir Sheikh 12 days ago

admin shb this footage is not belongs to GB Pakistan. it is from Himalaya India and this sequence is shot between snow leopard & Bharal a wild himalayan blue sheep nor markhoor :)

Nazir Ullah Wazir 17 days ago

Bahi Africa wala shakar daka ha pr yah Pakistan wala chata tu pagal laga raha ta yah bok bare lage te. That's why it is a major difference between Pakistan and other.

Khakan Akbar 17 days ago

شکار اور شکاری اب اس حالت میں ہین ک اب تیسرا کوٸی بھی آکے انہیں کھا سکتا ہے

Umar Riaz Jilani 10 days ago

Incredible Wow 👍 This amazing Video of Snow Leopard & Ibex was shot by a Pakistani man in Chitral (Garamchasma) in 2015... I don’t remember the name of the video maker but he nearly spent 2 months in these harsh mountains in freezing temperature. Thumbs up 👍 for his hard work for capturing such an amazing battle of Wildlife “Toughest to Survive” that is how it is in the Wild

M Owais Kamal 15 days ago

The determination, that penetrating sight on target, the sheer detachment from surroundings, the fearless motivation, and that drive to get it's target that makes all nails bitten Bravado!! Nature is wonderful and marvellous

Bakhtyar Afridi 13 days ago

The world most dangerous and ferocious predator, snow leapord. That fall and still end up getting his prey? Wow

Adil Yaqoob 16 days ago

ALLAH has given these animals a very powerful power

Tooba Eman 17 days ago

Ohhhhhh waooo Cheeta ❤️❤️❤️

Fida Mohammad Khan 17 days ago

one of the most beautifully captured video

Rehaan Shah 14 days ago

کبھی کبھار بھوک کی حوس میں انسان اپنے آپ سے ہاتھ دھو بیٹھتا ہے ہر ایک کام دماغ سے کرو دل سے نہیں دل کے فیصلے اکثر غلط ہوتے ہیں

Jameel Hunzagrapher 14 days ago

Not Gilgit-Baltistan and shame on you admin you sharing anyone's work without any credits and ap ak sahi video nai laga sakty Pakistan Affairs k baray mea kia khaak sahi news do gy ....

Khawar Abbas 16 days ago

And we think only our survival is tough.

Ansub Azeem 17 days ago

That's markhor doing to snow leapord 😂😂😂

Nabeel Shaikh 16 days ago

Pakistan me asi footage shoot krne wala koi nae aata.. surely it's not Pakistan

Nouman Ahmad 12 days ago

these GB snow leapords are at verge of extinction and were only 300 in numbers once...

Hamza Alvi 16 days ago

Areeb Salman imagine going this extra for a meal :p fkn nuts

Manahil Ali 13 days ago

Incomplete video q lagai hai agy kya hua marr gaye ya leopard🐆 Kha gaya 🙄🙄

Nauman Iqbal 15 days ago

Maxi Hope i didn't find anything epic ? :p bechare itne oper se gire unki tu yad nikl gaii :P :D

Hanan Moeez 15 days ago

Jamal Touqeer I think ye khunjerab national park hi h

Jahiz Barlas 10 days ago

I don't think those are markhor. Their horns aren't curved

Shoukat Ali 12 days ago

جو چیف جسٹس اپنی آنکھوں سے دیکھی شراب کو شراب ثابت نہ کرسکا اس نے ملعونہ اسیہ کو دیکھے بغیر بےگناہ ثابت کردیا مار اوے ڈپٹی ایک جج نواز چور کو 10 سال سزا دیتا ہے اور دوسرا جج آزادی دیتا ہے ایک جج آسیہ کو سزائے موت دیتا ہے اور دوسرا جج آزادی دیتا ہے پر کیو کسی میں ہمت ہے تو جواب دو کے پہلا جج حرامی ہے یا دوسرا