Who can relate???

Who can relate???

Kathy Herrera 1 month ago

It could be possible, with all the stress we deal with, will probably make our guardian angel. Think twice or more !!!!

Debbie Colquitt Wright 2 days ago

I know my Guardian Angel wonders why she got me to guide!! Thank God she never gives up on me but must deal with dumb decisions I make!!

Sandra Colquitt Mize 2 days ago

She got you because you need the best and you have learned from those dumb decisions and I bet you don't make many anymore and give yourself postive not negative feelings about yourself

Franky Niksicko 1 month ago

Had tHrilliNG expeRience iN meetiNG MY GUARADIAN ANGEL...SURREAL how it all uNfolded..sPare you tHe details but He disclosed to me aN ABSOLUTE UTTER IMPOSSIBILITY WITH ZERO PERCENT CHANCE wHicH came TRUE 6 MONTHS to tHe day!!!!!..as my paRisH pRiest lateR recouNted, guaRdiaN angeL MANIFESTATION happeNs to less tHaN .0001 PERCENT of WORLDS POPULATION..tHat I have to be a 'TRULY REALLY GOOD PERSON" to have seeN miNes but..I WONT see Him agaiN uNtil I die #GREATESTexperienceEVER #BLESSED

Fran Cummins 1 month ago

Gets tired alot. Hope she hangs in there with me for however long I need her.

Joanna Galante Aron 1 month ago

At times my Guardian Angel is on “overload.” It cannot guard me from all my problems and issues.

Jan Delaney 1 month ago

Yeah...today. Patsy (mine) got me thru again. Ps. I like the name Patsy.

Maryellen Bartlett 1 month ago

I know my angel probably ALWAYS looks like this!!!

Ruth Gregory 1 month ago

My youngest's does he's always getting himself into tight spots bad decisions etc

May Walker 1 month ago

Mine is probably about to give up . But I’m trying to do better 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Janice Felser 1 month ago

You are a lovely woman . Your guardian angel is a beautiful redhead

Lilly Chavez 1 month ago


Robert F. Schaffer 24 days ago

That poor angel look like he's having a bigger headaches. Offer him a pain reliever.

Aurora Clark 1 month ago

Mine always works over time. She is soooo good to me. Love you...😍😘

Theresa Saavedra 1 month ago

I know..My Angel Is upset with all that is Happening to Me...

Joseph Murdoch 1 month ago

I'm thinking of suing mine.

Sal Fertitta 1 month ago

That's my angel I love Angels are God helpers Aen

Lisa Abella 1 month ago

Angelo Raphael Abella ganyan na ang itsura ng angel mo sa lahat ng activities na ginagawa mo.

Jaya Rani Sime 29 days ago

Mine does all the time.

John Murray 26 days ago

Mine just shakes their head and goes, "Oh no! Not again....."

Carlos Ocampo 1 month ago

Fine with me. As long my guardian angel is girl. Is there's a male guardian angel?

Helen Bender 1 month ago

I no minen does

Robert F. Schaffer 24 days ago

Joan Spratlen 1 month ago

I know he does.

Diane Fisher 1 month ago

Amen 🤗